This is just dumb. Don’t make it harder for cops to do their jobs. It seems the courts lean waaaayyy to far towards the criminals



Back and ornery

i haven’t posted for quite awhile but look for a lot more going forward. I’m pretty fed up with our elected officials, courts, and the ridiculous spread of PC. 

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Ok – this is a bit crazy by now. I think 2 things

1. Someone knows a lot more than they are letting on. The military (of several countries) should know where it is. What’s it say if they can lose a big aircraft.

2. I think terrorist with inside help seized the plan, killed the passengers, and landed at some secluded airstrip. The plane will be turned into a giant flying dirty bomb to be used in the near future.

Someone better find this plane and the people behind its theft ASAP.

Mandatory rear view video

I have a fairly new Ford Edge and it has a rear view camera and display. It’s nice, comes in handy, and I like it.

The NHTSA is adding rear view cameras to their list of “recommended” features. Good for them. They are not required but just recommended. Let the buying public decide.

Why do I bring this up? Because the AHAS has taken a stance that recommending it is not enough – they should be required safety equipment on all vehicles. In addition, the a lawsuit is being filed against the US DOT on behalf of advocacy groups and 2 parents that backed over their kids.

Sad story no doubt but why are they suing? Unfortunately 3 things come to mind: 1 is “protect us from ourselves”; 2 is cash grab; and 3 is blame someone else.

The cameras are a nice feature and probably increase safety but requiring them? Suing for not requiring them? How did the 983 gajillion other times people backed up in history not result in a world disaster?

I think it is a giant waste of time that could be better spent on numerous other topics.

Let’s invoke common sense, take some personal accountability, and focus on things that are truly important to the masses and the majority.


I was just reading about the 4 rapists in India that were sentenced to death. Good riddance – read the story and you will agree.

My rant isn’t about this case or the sentence. It is about a fact I read in the article (I have not confirmed it).

In India a woman is raped every 22 minutes. Appalling right? That number is actually far lower than in many other parts of the world.

Lets just talk about in the “civilized” USA (I love America and am not a basher or apologist). Estimates range from 300k to 1.3m rapes per year with another 54% not even reported. A woman has a 1 in 5 chance of being raped. 97% or rapists are never incarcerated. The numbers go on and on. It makes me sick.

What do we do about it? I wish I knew. Definitely start putting the hammer down on the worst of the animals. Forced sterilization. Capital punishment in some cases.

It would be nice to know what can make someone lose all sense of humanity and sink to such a level, but I am definitely not advocating a BS touchy feely 10 year study on it.

We all need to pitch in. More aggressive police work, far more severe punishment, and be supportive of victims.

It’s a horrible crime, and not one we can ever eliminate, but one we should be able to greatly reduce if we just try.