Same sex marriage

Honestly, I don’t have any problem at all with same sex marriage. I am straight as an arrow but have a number of gay/lez friends. I don’t care how others choose to live their life – it’s their choice so why should I ever get worked up about it.

I do get pissed of by all the Gay Rights militants that try to stick their cause in everyone’s face, but that isn’t a gay issue it is a militant issue. I get equally pissed at abortion militants or electric car militants or whatever. If I am not protesting your choices you shouldn’t be up in my face pushing your agenda. Live and let live.

Ok – back to the original point – gay marriage. Once again I am completely OK with it. What I am not OK with is the amount of time our legislature and judicial system is spending on it. Lets say this affects 10% of the population – why in the hell are we spending what seems to be a completely disproportional amount if time on this issue? Don’t we have a budget to put together, an economy to fix, a whacko in North Korea, gun laws, etc.

Our elected and appointed officials should all follow this simple guideline – focus on issues that affect the majority but don’t ignore or screw over the minorities.

Simple logic that would make a lot of things better.


Crazy liberals in MN at it again

I love Minnesota in many ways but it is a whacko crazy liberal state. The same state that elected Jesse Ventura governor and sent Al Franken to congress is at it again.

Allow illegal immigrants to get a drivers license? Did you catch the word “illegal” before the word immigrant? I am all for immigration reform but I am opposed to crazy things like this. It is another example of legislature losing a grasp of common sense before trying to push through their agenda (red or blue). Crazy.

What is this all about?

Hey all – I just need a place to comment and or vent when I see something that amuses me or irritates me.  Much of it will focus on our inept govenrment – they seem to have forgotten they are in office to make things better for us.  Other posts may focus on our judicial system that may follow the letter of the law but has lost touch with the spirit of the law.  Mix in a few posts about sports, beer, and everyday life and there you go. 


I will enjoy writing it even if no one enjoys reading it (or if no one but myself reads it).