Same sex marriage

Honestly, I don’t have any problem at all with same sex marriage. I am straight as an arrow but have a number of gay/lez friends. I don’t care how others choose to live their life – it’s their choice so why should I ever get worked up about it.

I do get pissed of by all the Gay Rights militants that try to stick their cause in everyone’s face, but that isn’t a gay issue it is a militant issue. I get equally pissed at abortion militants or electric car militants or whatever. If I am not protesting your choices you shouldn’t be up in my face pushing your agenda. Live and let live.

Ok – back to the original point – gay marriage. Once again I am completely OK with it. What I am not OK with is the amount of time our legislature and judicial system is spending on it. Lets say this affects 10% of the population – why in the hell are we spending what seems to be a completely disproportional amount if time on this issue? Don’t we have a budget to put together, an economy to fix, a whacko in North Korea, gun laws, etc.

Our elected and appointed officials should all follow this simple guideline – focus on issues that affect the majority but don’t ignore or screw over the minorities.

Simple logic that would make a lot of things better.


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