Death penalty debate

Debate on the death penalty has gone on for years. Someday we will catch the people behind the Boston Marathon bombing. Who can argue against the death penalty then? The people responsible killed 3 and injured over 170 some extremely seriously. It could have been far worse which is probably what those responsible hoped for. They had no regard for human life – why should anyone care about theirs?

We should have a speedy trial and quickly carry out sentencing.


Gun control

OK – this gun control debate is pissing me off. I am a Republican and a conservative, but first and foremost I am in favor of simple common sense.

The 2nd amendment makes it perfectly clear that we have the right to bear arms. BUT I don’t think this should mean that anyone can have anything.

People don’t need assault rifles

People don’t need high capacity magazines.

People don’t need armor piercing bullets

Period. Bambi does not shoot back, wear Kevlar, or roam the forest armed.

I have no problem with extensive background checks on ALL firearm purchases. Criminals, crazies and Ji-Hadji should not be able to legally buy guns.

I also do not have a problem with a National Registry of guns and gun owners. Those of you that think it is a precursor to big government using the registry to confiscate the weapons are paranoid and delusional.

Let’s put in simple common sense laws to limit the type of weapons and who can get them. It shouldn’t be hard to do and it is not going to prevent hunters or gun enthusiasts from acquiring them if they are good citizens.

That being said, those that think (or state for political gain) that tougher guns laws will prevent gun crime are stupid or just telling a big fat lie.

Dumb or dishonest politicians and special interest groups – that is the bigger problem