Mandatory rear view video

I have a fairly new Ford Edge and it has a rear view camera and display. It’s nice, comes in handy, and I like it.

The NHTSA is adding rear view cameras to their list of “recommended” features. Good for them. They are not required but just recommended. Let the buying public decide.

Why do I bring this up? Because the AHAS has taken a stance that recommending it is not enough – they should be required safety equipment on all vehicles. In addition, the a lawsuit is being filed against the US DOT on behalf of advocacy groups and 2 parents that backed over their kids.

Sad story no doubt but why are they suing? Unfortunately 3 things come to mind: 1 is “protect us from ourselves”; 2 is cash grab; and 3 is blame someone else.

The cameras are a nice feature and probably increase safety but requiring them? Suing for not requiring them? How did the 983 gajillion other times people backed up in history not result in a world disaster?

I think it is a giant waste of time that could be better spent on numerous other topics.

Let’s invoke common sense, take some personal accountability, and focus on things that are truly important to the masses and the majority.


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